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2015 VIsage Music VM 3010 | Materiali Sonori | Galileo Music


This work is inspired by the idea and the art of Belgian painter Pol Bonduelle, a great friend of us with whom we have an important artistic collaboration since many years. Those who also own my previous CDs or LPs will immediately notice that covers and artworks were created by him.


In autumn 2014 during our tour in West Flanders, first inputs and ideas were born giving us the new albums' direction.

In occasion of the historical 100th anniversary of First World War, we had been invited by Pol to visit some of the huge war cemeteries lying in this region, well known for being one of the biggest battlefront of the Great War. Nowadays this place is a public memorial of silence and beauty. Freshly mowed grass and little fragile flowers bright up thousand of graves.


"Flowers of Fragility" is a dedication to the souls of those very young soldiers coming from any corner of the world who had lost their childhood before loosing their own lives.

Hundred years after, it was important for us to draw attention to this historical anniversary. This music derives from the meeting of 5 artists with different origins and musical backgrounds creating a bridge between cultures and genres.



1. Flowers of Fragility | 7.03 

2. Le Coeur De Nina | 4.16 

3. Afsaneh | 2.28 

4. Il Dono | 5.20 

5. Impermanenza | 7.50 

6. Riflessioni | 5.28 

7. 17774 Preludio alla Vita | 2.00 

8. La Barca Ubriaca | 4.42

9. Sine Nomine | 7.12


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Elias Nardi | Oud

Nazanin Piri-Niri | Flute

Daniele Di Bonaventura | Bandoneon

Didier François | Viola D'Amore a Chiavi

Carlo La Manna | Fretless Bass, Six String Bass